VR Games

Hologram creates virtual reality games for all VR platforms and standalone mobile devices. VR has taken the entertainment world by storm with limitless possibilities. Whether you want to create a fantasy underwater world, complex RPG game, or addictive puzzle game, our experienced team of graphic designers, programmers, and 3D animators can bring your project to life. We’d say that “the sky’s the limit”, but we’ve been itching to build a deep space VR game.

360 Media

Hologram has the expertise to plan, film,, produce and live stream immersive and interactive 360 videos, all of which are compatible with virtual reality headsets, smart phones, media players, and web browsers. In addition to showcasing the Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge and the Turkish football and basketball leagues, Hologram is currently developing interactive 360 videos for real estate, educational, travel and advertorial industries. Whether it’s test driving a car, marketing a new product, or promoting a tourist destination, our 360 videos can help you connect to your customers like never before.

VR Apps

Virtual reality has opened new doors in almost every field. Hologram has created immersive 360 exposure therapy videos which help patients deal with various phobias. Hologram has also creted a VR app for Digiturk, enabling them to showcase their 360 content from sports events as well as TV studio programs and documentaries. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help create a VR solution specific to your needs.

General Services 

Hologram has a long history of creating and developing a multitude of products. We are very focused in the mobile, smart TV, micro console, and wearable spaces. We are proud to have consistently worked with state of the art (sometimes bleeding edge) technology for clients with very diverse needs. As smart devices become more prevalent, we are driven to adapt our software to deliver functionality and efficiency to our clients in innovative forms.