The Innovation Alchemists


Co-founder & CTO

In 2008, Deniz founded Hologram to create games and innovative products. He has since worked with major game companies and continues to direct the diverse projects at Hologram. A self-described “77 model humanoid android”, he enjoys coding games, writing movie scripts, and seeing the world in binary.


Co-founder & Project Manager

London born, Erol spent his childhood divided between England and Turkey. He is a coder turned admin and manages most of the ongoing projects at Hologram HQ. Erol spends a lot of his free time trying to teach his daughter the ways of the force and can recite most of “The Godfather I and II” by heart.


Senior Developer

Aylin has been with the company since its founding in 2008. Raised in England and Turkey, Aylin studied IT at Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus and completed a web development internship. Aylin has a deep love for Terry Pratchett novels and an unhealthy obsession with Nikola Tesla.


Senior Developer

Tarık started out as an intern in the summer of 2014 and we liked him so much that we asked him to work here permanently. He still loves playing with Lego, especially when he’s sick. A true renaissance man, Tarık is also the voice of Seamus Finnigan in all of the Turkish dubbed “Harry Potter” films.


Junior Developer

Damla graduated Computer Engineering in 2015 and currently serves as a freelance developer at Hologram.  A keen learner, she is skilling up on many different technologies including VR, mobile development, game development and server side wizardry. In her spare time, Damla enjoys reading cosmology books. A woman of many talents, she can even read Korean! 나이스!


Head of 360 Media

Ahmet joined Hologram in 2016 and is an expert in 360 media. Coming from a background in cinema and TV directing, he is head honcho at the Hologram 360 media department. An expert in pre production, post production and filming, his favourite movie is Leon: The Professional.


Senior Developer

Erdin studied Games Design MA at University of Central Lancashire. He is a Musician turned Programmer and Game Designer. He loves tools that automate stuff and has an app for everything! He enjoys progressive rock, philosophical movies and has an unhealthy relationship with coffee and whisky.